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Q: How long have you been in business?   A: Ral's catered its first event on February 1994.       

Q: What size events do you cater?  -  A: From 2 to 6500.
Q: Do you have insurance a licensed kitchen we can visit and do you ?  -  A: Yes we do. [ $ 2,000,000.00 ]

 Q: Do you offer tastings? -  A: Yes we do. Setting one up requires a proposal for your event on file

Q: How can I get a proposal/quote for my event?  -  A: Option1 - Pick a package from our menu. Option2 - Tell us what kind of food and give us an estimated budget        

Q: Is gratuity included ?  -  A: No it is not included each client makes that decision. 
Q: How many large events do you do in one day?  -  A: It depends on the location and size.              

Q: Can Ral’s cater a  dinner for two?  -  A: Yes, a private site can be transformed into a romantic hideaway
Q: What is your lead-time and setup time for events?  -  A: Formal events require 7 days planing time & 2-6 hrs set-up time. Drop off catering require 48 hours lead time and  30mins to 1.5hr to set-up.
Q: Is there any reward given to individuals who make referrals?  -  A: Yes, discounts and /or food credits are given for referrals on next booked event.
Q: Can you provide theme menus for a special occasion?  -  A: Yes, theme events are available. Staff wardrobe is available at additional cost.
Q: Do you allow foods from other sources to be combined on your buffets or dinners?  -  A: No, due to liability, health and food safety reasons – we are unable to accept any food that is not prepared by our staff.
Q: Do you have a list of previous customers I can contact as a reference?  -  A: Yes, we have a list of references available.
Q: What distinguishes Ral’s from other caterer?  -  A: Our food and service. You’ll find our presentations to be comparable to any five star establishment but the flavor of our food surpasses any of them… because we prepare with the freshest ingredients coupled with perfect spice and seasoning combination.
Q: How much of the clean up am I responsible for after an event? - A: Our staff will clean the food preparation and food service area but all other areas are handled by the  event site janitorial service. Normally, each event site charges a deposit and clean-up fee, which is usually minimum amount, as long as there is no structural damage.

Q: Can you provide an event coordinator for the day?  -  A: Yes at an additional charge
Q: Do you travel long distance?  -  A: Yes, we are available to travel in Texas. On occasions, we are available to travel out of state as well.
Q: How many hours does the staff remain at the event site?  -  A: Based on the number of guest and the services we provide, the staff can remain on site for 2-8 hours. Typically, most large events have 3-5 hour food service time and staff can remain additional 2-3 hours if bar services is required.
Q: What price range is your menu?  -  A: Prices range from $8 per person – $110 per person and greater. Buffets are typically less expensive than seated dinners. The price many increase based on the meal; i.e. custom menu selections may be slightly more expensive.
Q: What’s the deposit for booking an event?  -  A: A deposit must be on file for all contracts to be considered as a “booking.” Tentative orders are not considered contacts until deposits are received. We require a least a $500 to book events over $1000.00. Based on when the event occurs – deposit many vary; 30 days prior to the event 50% of the total amount is due; and entire balance is due 10 prior to the event.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?  -  A: 5 days after the contract is signed after 5 days deposits are no refundable                

Q: Can you provide a list of event site?  -  A: Yes, we have several venues to choose from.

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